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A modern phone system must be capable of more than simple phone calls.  You need a system with integrated features such as voicemail Auto-attendant Call Groups  Expect an excellent return on investment when you take advantage of Empire Telecoms advanced phone system technology.

Onsite services, often also referred to as On-premises solutions, are PBX/VoIP solutions managed by hardware or a server located on-site and maintained and managed by the business’s IT department

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Why Chose On-Site PBX

Benefits of PBX vs cloud phones systems

There are costs to consider expanding. Adding more phones to an on premise PBX is as simple as purchasing more IP phones unless any kind of additional licensing is required. With hosted PBX, however, additional IP phones are purchased and added to the service plan requiring additional programming time by the customer. This can also increase the monthly cost, depending on how the company sets up the plan. An Asterisk-based on-premise PBX will use the administrator GUI interface, where additional extensions can be created.