Faxing Simplified

Send and receive faxes from anywhere

Empire Telecoms faxing solutions consist of an email to fax and or machine option, sending an email via fax is as:

Email to Fax

Fax Plus

Email to Fax
$ 16
99 /mo
  • Send 200 pages/mo
  • Receive 200 pages/mo

Fax Pro

Email to Fax
$ 14
99 /mo
  • Send 150 pages/mo
  • Receive 150 pages/mo

Fax Unlimited

Email to fax
$ 22
99 /mo
  • Send unlimited Faxes
  • Receive unlimited Faxes

Prefer to keep your existing machine?

Use a Physical Fax

Prefer to keep your existing machine? No problem. Empire can provide you with an ATA device that will enable you to use your existing physical fax machine with our encrypted faxing system. Send and receive faxes the same way you are used to, but without the need of an expensive physical fax line. 

$ 0