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Seamless process

Empire Telecom specializes in long-term care facility phone systems, Internet, and TV. Our proven proprietary process has eased the transition for over 2500 old-age homes and hospitals across the country and we are ready to do the same for you. 

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No matter what when or where were there.
No matter what when or where were there.

Our service professionals have access to all your systems and are able to offer tech support in real-time.  Our phone line is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a live human based in the U.S. Our call center’s average response time is under 11 seconds! While any service related matters or major outages are covered, what’s with those little pesky things like extension names and routing auto attendants? Our renowned portal support leaves our costumes in awe. We guarantee an under 5 minute response time on any portal communications matter, no matter what, when and why.

Our Mission

Work smarter not harder, Work Empire
Work smarter not harder,
Work Empire.

Empire telecommunications is a pioneer in the IT data and telecom market. Running a medical facility is not an easy task, adding the burden of being on top of your technological systems will simply put a strain on the rest of your enterprise. Empire Telecom, we formed a true “One-stop shop” where instead of trying to juggle all these services under one roof and obviously compromising one over the other, we unify some of the largest tech providers in the country to service your telecommunications and IT needs, all while calling one phone number for service, Empire Telecom.

Servicing 1000 facilities across the US from NY to Florida, Kentucky, to Pennsylvania and everything in between, Empire doesn’t advertise, we don’t need to; our clients trust us to handle the most complex and delicate IT infrastructures in their hospitals and nursing homes. Word gets around. Referrals are the greatest compliments and thats the basis of our company and its rapid growth.
This level of trust has been developed over 20 years of integrity, efficiency and service.

"We use Empire Telecom for all our telecom and internet needs at our many assisted living facilities across the east coast. What we value most is Empire's customer service and dedication to their clients, always available 24 hours a day emergency or not. With Empire you know your services are taken care of all the time so we can focus on running our facilities properly."

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