24/7 Coverage
Never miss a customer with our team of professional receptionists.
Not Just Hello
Get ready to cut your expenses and increase your efficiency.
Seamless Onboarding
We’ll make sure that every nuance is addressed before we hear a ring.
Personalized Touch
We understand that no two companies are the same.
Remove Roadblocks
Get back the time you spent on the phone so you can focus on your business.
Success Oriented
We thrive off of happy customers and exceeding expectations.
Imagine never missing a call

Make a great impression.

With real agents answering your calls

We’re so confident in our team,
we’ll let you try us out FREE for 7 days

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Yes! Our team is available 24/7/365 and when you sign up, you let us know during which hours you want live answering. When we’re answering live, your callers will always be greeted by a cheerful, professional Receptionist – never by a recording!

Through innovation and efficiency, we are able to cut the average customer’s pre-existing bill over 20% on average. Cheaper just means you pay less and get more. We’ll prove it!

No way! At Answer Cheaper From Empire Telecom, we take pride in earning your business month after month by delivering exceptional service. To cancel, simply email us 

We onboard in 4 easy steps.

  1. Contact us at 732.523.7115
  2. We’ll show you how we’re going to save you money and, in some cases, even help you make more.
  3. We’ll send you a billing and service agreement
  4. Once signed, our customer success team will collaborate with you to develop your call flow. We’ll send you a demo so you can get a full picture.
  5. Lastly, we’ll integrate with any system you have or help you build your own (in some cases, it’s as simple as us sending you an email or text when a call comes in)

Don’t believe us? Send an email to callcenter@empiretelecomnj.com for a free 7 day trial.