The classroom is everywhere

Open platform. Flexible classrooms

With an all-in-one mobile or PC app, you can schedule and attend classes and seminars from virtually everywhere, share your screen with your students or use the built-in whiteboard just a select few futures that will change the way your system works for the better. 

Teach like everyone’s in the same room

Connect with students, parents

Connect over any browser, device or the mobile or PC app.

Take advantage of whiteboarding, class summaries, transcription, breakouts rooms, and webinar. 

Record, transcribe and archive lessons with integrated tools like Google, Canvas, Blackboard, D2L and more.

Free students, educators, and staff to collaborate easily with messaging, phone, or video calls. Easily track usage with built-in analytics.

All on one app.

Bring students, faculty, and campus communities together from anywhere, at any time.

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