What is 10DLC & TCR Registration, and what does it mean for my business?

What is 10DLC TCR? 


10DLC, or 10-digit long code, is a channel created by mobile carriers for business-to-consumer (A2P) messaging to their customers. There’s a good chance you’ve already been using one of these numbers for business texting, but until recently, they were only intended for person-to-person (P2P) SMS traffic between family and friends. 

Why are there new rules and regulations?

Because texting over business phone numbers has grown increasingly popular, U.S. mobile carriers (AT&T, TMobile and Verizon) want to make sure it stays free of spam and unsolicited communications.  To accomplish that goal, the carriers have together adopted a set of standards and registration processes to better understand who is using 10DLC for business-to-consumer (A2P) messaging and what they’re sending across the network.  These carriers are now requiring businesses to register with The Campaign Registry, a third-party company that the mobile carriers have chosen to administer brand registrations on their behalf), in order to be able to send SMS/MMS using 10 digit (10DLC) numbers. 

What do the new regulations mean for my business?

The new regulations require registering your company (the “brand”), all phone numbers associated with your company that will be sending text messages, and clarify which types of messages are being sent (the “campaigns”).  Therefore your UC carrier will enable our customers to register via the online portal (which will sync with The Campaign Registry) if they would like to continue to use SMS/MMS texting via their carrier service. There are one-time registration fees as well as monthly recurring fees associated with this registration.  Note: This is an industry-level effort and not something specific to the carrier.

How do I register?

Most UCaaS carriers require you register for 10DLC via there respective online portal, for more information or assistance please email os@empiretelecomnj.com or call 732.363.9898