Caller ID Applications

Common reasons that numbers get flagged as Spam

One common reason may be an algorithm used by a carrier or a 3rd party anti-scam app detects a high volume of calls being made by the number.

Another common cause is the number had complaints submitted against it by call recipients. These reports can be done erroneously. For example, some users might report a number simply because they don’t like being called by a number they don’t recognize.

What to do if your number is marked as Scam Likely?

The quickest way to overcome this issue is to use a different valid Caller ID number.
If that solution is not practical, you may be able to remove your number from these lists by contacting the carriers that marked it directly.
These links will allow you to potentially remove a Spam label. see links below for the 3 major US cellular carriers.

Free call registry

Free Caller Registry enables entities making legitimate outbound phone calls to submit their data to the three major providers of call management services supporting the major US wireless carriers once via a standard, centralized experience.

Registration of data establishes a relationship that becomes a key data point for Analytics Engines to provide the best information possible.


How does it work?

Enter your entity’s information inclusive of contact information and phone numbers. That information is sent directly to each of the three Analytics Engines. Each Analytics Engine vets the information and directly follow-ups with the registrant.


Once Completing your application email the generated ID to the following 3 email addresses