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Running a medical facility may just be one of the most important jobs there is, let us take the burden of managing all your telco systems under one roof, so whenever needed there is one phone number to call, and one that always answers, Empire Telecom. 

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Phone systems play a huge part in both external and internal hospital communications; whether it’s staff calling their patients to tell them their results or doctors and nurses communicating between wards and departments.

A good phone system isn’t just about the hardware, though. Telephone system software is the beating heart of hospital communication, pumping comms to every corner of the network. That’s a big responsibility, so investing in the right system is crucial.


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On call doctors and nurses out in the field can use their office number instead of their mobile number and use a robust mobile app or advanced forwarding call screening meaning they never have to reveal their private one to patients and may also access medical drives for accessing and recording data.