RingSense for Sales

Unlock the Power of RingSense for Sales with Empire Telecom!

Are you ready to supercharge your sales team’s performance? Introducing RingSense for Sales, the conversation intelligence platform that takes your sales to the next level. Empire Telecom is proud to bring you this cutting-edge solution, designed to elevate your sales game and deliver remarkable results.


🚀 What is RingSense for Sales?
RingSense for Sales is your secret weapon for achieving sales excellence. It’s a platform that offers post-call analysis with automatically generated transcripts, summaries, and sentiment analysis. Plus, it scores your calls and deals, providing a comprehensive view of your team’s performance. With RingSense, you can analyze performance metrics, identify coaching opportunities for your teams and agents, and gain insights into which types of conversations lead to specific results.

Whether you’re a frontline salesperson engaging with customers directly or a manager overseeing a team of salespeople, RingSense for Sales provides you with detailed insights into your calls and your team’s performance.

🔧 How Does RingSense for Sales Work?
RingSense works its magic every time your team interacts with a customer through a recorded call. AI processes the recordings, generating valuable insights and summaries that can transform your sales strategy.


RingSense seamlessly integrates with the RingCentral application and popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, eliminating the need for tedious data entry and manual updates. Your data is stored securely, exclusively used to deliver insights to you and your team, and never shared with third parties. Your privacy is our priority!


💼 How Can Admins and Managers Use RingSense?
RingSense empowers sales managers with detailed reports on team performance and customer needs, enabling them to upskill their teams and create winning sales strategies. Here’s how it helps:


1. **Improve Sales Planning:** Get a comprehensive pipeline overview, compare team progress across quarters, and focus your sales planning on high-probability deals. Customize roles and control information flow within your organization’s hierarchy.

2. **Increase Team Productivity:** Powerful customizable trackers identify key concepts discussed during calls, evaluate agent performance, and provide data-driven deal scores for personalized coaching.

3. **Get Valuable Insights:** Highlight critical moments in the buyer journey, eliminate manual data entry, and receive actionable feedback from managers. Gain customer insights to build a customer-centric selling strategy.


🌟 How Can Sales Teams Use RingSense?
RingSense empowers sales teams to increase productivity, get valuable customer insights, and streamline their sales efforts. Here’s how it benefits your team:


1. **Increase Productivity:** Say goodbye to manual data entry with automated call summaries and documentation. Get detailed insights and specific feedback from managers and the RingSense AI coach.

2. **Get Customer Insights:** Track customer preferences, objections, and competitor mentions to tailor your sales strategy. Monitor the progress of your most important deals and position your next call for success.


Empire Telecom is your trusted partner in bringing RingSense for Sales to your sales team. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your sales performance. Contact us today to learn more and get started with RingSense for Sales! 📈📊