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Empire Telcom is always at the forefront of innovative
telecom solutions for the healthcare industry. Our focus is to streamline IT and make it simple while saving you money- UP UNTIL NOW. Now, our focus remains the same – with a twist. We not only want you to shrink your existing expenditures we want your telecom infrastructure to GENERATE REVENUE


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Savvy operators know that the most expedient way to run a healthcare empire is by catering for your facilities in-house. By providing skilled nurses, pharmaceuticals, or supplies directly to the nursing homes operators can streamline the process and greatly cut costs. Why not with telecom? By setting up a GPO you in essence become your own telecom provider. Service and know-how is provided by any of our myriad of carriers and commission is earned by you,

Ok, How?

Reliability, efficiency, perfection.

Sounds great, but what in it for us? As your exclusive provider, we have a broad perspective of your facility’s needs and means of operating. This gives us the ability to service you in the most comprehensive cost-effective manner. In addition, it eliminates the need to partner with different providers when coordinating installs and repairs. everything is done by one company – YOURS

Servicing 1000 facilities across the US from NY to Florida, Kentucky, to Pennsylvania and everything in between, Empire doesn’t advertise, we don’t need to; our clients trust us to handle the most complex and delicate IT infrastructures in their hospitals and nursing homes. Word gets around. Referrals are the greatest compliments and thats the basis of our company and its rapid growth.
This level of trust has been developed over 20 years of integrity, efficiency and service.

Join us as another GPO provider and start reaping the benefits today.