Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce native integrations are available for both CX and Unite users. This integration empowers you to accomplish numerous tasks seamlessly. Here are some key highlights:
Embedded Dialer: Access an embedded dialer directly within Salesforce, eliminating the need to switch tabs or rely on your desk phone. Make calls directly from your Salesforce dashboard hassle-free.
Caller ID: Within the dialer, effortlessly toggle between outbound caller ID options. Customize your caller ID on the fly, whether you prefer using your direct number or the company line. Additionally, when reaching out to contacts in different locations, easily switch to a local number with just a few clicks.
Call Pops: Incoming calls automatically pull up the associated record in Salesforce, providing you with all pertinent caller information before answering the call.
PIN Feature: Pin calls to different records instantly using the PIN feature, enabling seamless organization and access to relevant information.
Call records are automatically saved within Salesforce, ensuring comprehensive documentation of communication activities.
Furthermore, our integration allows for the triggering of various actions within Salesforce through webhooks. Below is a list of actions that can be triggered:
– Call Answered
– Call Completed
– Call Missed
– Call Ringing
– Voicemail Received
– Call Blocked
– Call Busy
– Emergency Call
– Voicemail Missed
– Voicemail Notify
– Call Park
– Call Unpark
– Call Hold
– Call Forward
– Call Recorded
– Call Resume
– Call Blind Transfer
– Call Consultative Transfer
– Ring group call queue entered
– Ring group call tier ringing
– Ring group call queue complete
– Call Pickup
– Click-to-Call Call
– Message Received
– Call recording failed