On Site VS Cloud PBX Test

PBX Quiz
Question 1: What is an on-premise PBX?

Question 2: What is a cloud PBX?

Question 3: Which PBX system is accessed and managed via the internet?

Question 4: What is a key difference between on-premise PBX and cloud PBX regarding phone lines?

Question 5: What happens to internal calls in an on-premise PBX?

Question 6: What type of PBX can still make internal calls if the internet is down?

Question 7: Which PBX system is generally more feature-rich and frequently updated?

Question 8: Which PBX system requires physical hardware updates?

Question 9: Which PBX system can be accessed from anywhere using an online portal?

Question 10: Which PBX system is usually priced like a SaaS (Software as a Service) service?

Question 11: What role does the PBX vendor specialize in?

Question 12: Who should you contact for issues with your dial tone?

Question 13: Which of the following is a benefit of using a cloud PBX?

Question 14: What is a potential drawback of a cloud PBX?

Question 15: Which PBX system is more customizable and adaptable to unique business needs?

Question 16: What is a key advantage of a cloud PBX over an on-premise PBX?

Question 17: Which PBX system typically offers easier scalability?

Question 18: Which PBX system requires the least amount of IT expertise to manage?

Question 19: What is big benefit of PBX?